Cake sizes and prices:

4” (serves 2-4)- $15

6” (serves 4-8)- $25

8” (serves 8-12)- $35

9” (serves 10-16)- $45

¼ sheet (serves 20-25)- $50

½ sheet (serves 40-50)- $75

Cupcakes- $24/dozen

Mini Cupcakes- $12/dozen

All round cakes are 3 layers unless otherwise specified. Sheet cakes are 2 layers.

Price includes cake plus one basic filling and one icing choice.

Please add $3 to cost for deluxe fillings.

Cake flavors:


 Chocolate or Vegan Chocolate


Poppyseed (lemon, almond, or orange)

Red Velvet

Pink Champagne

Cheesecake (single-layer, graham cracker crust)



Swiss Meringue Buttercream (various flavors)

Raspberry Jam

Whipped Cream (contains gelatin)

Traditional Cream Cheese Frosting

Citrus Curd- lemon, lime, orange, or grapefruit

Fresh Fruit

Chocolate Ganache

Vanilla Custard

All cakes are iced with silky, rich, Swiss Meringue Buttercream!

Tiered Cakes:

$3.50/serving for basic filling/icing

$5/serving for deluxe fillings


6/8/10 inch- 65-70 servings

6/9/12 inch- 75-80 servings

6/8/10/12 inch- 100 servings


Price includes:

Delivery and set-up (25-mile radius)

Basic icing and borders

Display board


Fresh flowers- market price

If you provide the flowers I will place them on the cake for free!

Please be aware that not all flowers are safe to put on cakes!

This article has great information on flowers that are safe or not:



Pricing for more complex designs and decoration upon request.





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